Sisir Kumar Dash, Tasuku Tanaka, Hiroyuki Hachiya, Yashuhiro Sugimori


Multi Angle Imaging Spectro Radiometer (MISR) has a capability to observe the ocean surface from different viewing directions. Attempts were made to estimate the ocean surface reflectance and chlorophyll-a concentration using MISR data. The aerosol optical thickness (OAT), available from the MISR archive is compared with the results simulated using the 6S radiation transfer code. It turns out that the AOT values agree with each other up to 85 percent in certain areas in case-1 waters. Substituting the archive values of AOT into the radiative transfer process, we obtain the surface reflectance. This surface reflectance, in turn, is employed together with the in-water algorithm, to obtain the clhorophyll concentration maps for three viewing directions (aft, nadir and forward). The pattern of obtained chlorophyll map is reasonable. It is estimated that an error of about 35 percent is involved in the radiance calibration and AOT , Hence, with best possibility, the surface reflectance is quantified and the chlorophyll maps were generated. When it is compared with the nadir observation, the forward viewing camera overestimates and the aft viewing camera underestimates the chlorophyll-a concentrartion especially in case-1 waters. In case 2 waters, the chlorophyll-a concentration shows similiar patterns for the three different viewing directions. Due to lack of in-situ data, absolute chlorophyll values were ignored but errors were quatified for the surface reflectance and the aerosol optical thickness with the 6S simulated results. Keywords: MISR, 6S, AOT, Surface reflectance, Chlorophyll-a

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