Wismu Sunarmodo, Anis Kamilah Hayati


In the processing and analysis of remote-sensing data, cloud that interferes with earth-surface data is still a challenge. Many methods have already been developed to identify cloud, and these can be classified into two categories: single-date and multi-date identification. Most of these methods also utilize the thresholding method which itself can be divided into two categories: local thresholding and global thresholding. Local thresholding works locally and is different for each pixel, while global thresholding works similarly for every pixel. To determine the global threshold, two approaches are commonly used: fixed value as threshold and adapted threshold. In this paper, we propose a cloud-identification method with an adapted threshold using K-means clustering. Each related multitemporal pixel is processed using K-means clustering to find the threshold. The threshold is then used to distinguish clouds from non-clouds. By using the L8 Biome cloud-cover assessment as a reference, the proposed method results in Kappa coefficient of above 0.9. Furthermore, the proposed method has lower levels of false negatives and omission errors than the FMask method.


cloud identification; Landsat-8; K-means clustering

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