Sakti Sitindjak


Research and technology development of roketry needed launching test facility. In Indonesia, that facility is located at Pameungpeuk-Garut West Java. At the beginning it was known as Rocket LaunchingStation (RLS) and now it has changed becoming Rocket Launching Test Site (RLTS). RLTS is the only one launching test instalation for erudite rocket that Indonesia have, and from the RLTS Cilauteureun, the rocket which have been assembling will be tested or launched. Rocket Launching Test is the final activity from all final result becomes an input for the next development of recket design program. RLTS Cilauteureun, which was known as Rocket Launching Station at the first time, was built and operated since 1963. Selecting location for RLTS at Pameungpeuk had considering several consideration and has need and fulfilled conditions as a rocket launching station. However, as the time change, which is followed with the enviromental and govermental system changes especially concerning independent state autonomy noeadays, makes the existence of RLTS need to be exemined again, whether caused positive or negative impact to surrounding. Based on research, it is concluded that a good relationship between LAPAN and local goverment also the local community, to the existance of RLTS have prove give more benefits to the community areas, whereas the negative could be eliminated.

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