Karakteristik Spread Fdi Atas Sumedang

Sri Suhartini, Sarmoko Saroso, - Asnawi


The spread F characteristics over Sumedang was investigated using the I PS-71 ionosonde data from March to August 1998 period. The results showed that the number of spread F was optimally occured in May - June, between 23.30 - 02.00 local time (UT+7), with the occurrence percentage 60%. The existence of the vertical motion of ionospheric F layer was indicated by the existence of the h'F variation in the night. It was also obtained that the period of h'F variation was 5 hours for the spread F which occured before midnight, and 2 hours after midnight. This phenomenon showed that the source of spread F in both periods were different. The maximum frequency of the F layer (fxF2) when spread F was occurred in comparison with no spread F, showed result the decreasing 10 - 20 % in the evening (between 18:00-22:00 local time) while after midnight (00:00 local time) the decreasing less than 6%. The value of TEC over Bandung after dusk during spread F occurrence was 16,72 % lower than with no spread F occurrence and this value decreased along the night. This decrease was caused by the decrease of electron density in the F region.

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