Sakti Sitindjak


The economic analysis is directed toward with determining whether the proyect is likely to conritibute significantly to the development of the economy with emphazing toal revenue, total benefits for security or economic growth as s whole without considering investors and user of such project's results. The analysis is also related to financial analysis considering project capability to return money on investment. In the financial analysis, lost-benefit analysis, Net Presnt Value, Internal Rate, and Cost-Benefit Ratio are generally applied. Development and utulization of wind energy technology for supplying electricity in Indonesia constitute afforts in order to enhance the contribution of renewal energy for availability of electric power perticularly to meet need of society in rural and areas which have not yet access to state oened Electrical Company (PLN). In this paper, application of financial analysis to access feacibility of wind energy conversion system is shown. In this application, wind energy conversion system with capacity of 2,5 kW is compared with capacity of 10 kW.

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