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The subject of dispute settlement is at the heart of every lagal system or subsystem, whether national or international, and in principle it should apply for space law. In general, the sttlement dispute is based on two principles, which is choice of forum and choice law. Both of these choice, representing of one currency with two sides is different, where both each other is related and inseparable. In settlement dispute in space activities, there are various alternative which can be used by memebers sate of Space Treaties whether is used of forum and also regulation to solve their problems. The varous forums are ICJ, PCA, WTO and other alternative dispute resolution. In order to use of regulation as based on settlement dispute is depend on type activities and involvement of the parties. The various alternative are determined by the parties in their settlement dispute. Each of alternative of the settlement dispute, whether is of forum and reguation to be taken as based of the settlement dispute, in generally owns feebleness to be used by the parties for his advantages. Therefore, brooding and the accurate knowledge to each forum and regulation which is used, and also position of each the parties are much needed.

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