. Suwarsono, M. Rokhis Khomarudin


Geologically, Indonesia region is on track ring of fire, brings the consequence that the danger of volcanic eruption could occur at any time. Information sites where the settlement is located in the affected areas on emergency response process is needed in quick time. The availability of up to date data is important because it illustrates the actual condition of the region. Active volcanic landforms ranging from the crater to footslope in general is prone area to volcanic eruption, either by the threat of lava flows, pyroclastic falls, or lahars. This study aims to detect the spatial distribution of the settlement on volcanic region using Landsat-8 OLI. Parameters used for the detection of settlements is Normalized Difference Build-up Index (NDBI). Research methods include radiometric correction, delineation of the boundaries of volcanic landforms, NDBI value extraction, extraction of settlement areas, as well as the accuracy assesment.  Study area  is  Sinabung Volcano region located in the province of North Sumatera. Recently, the volcano experienced a devastating and catastrophic eruption. The results showed that the spatial distribution of settlements on volcanic landforms can be detected quickly from Landsat-8 OLI based on NDBI parameters with a sufficient degree of accuracy.


Settlement; Volcanic Landforms; Sinabung Volcano; NDBI

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