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Pleiades satellite imagery is very high resolution. with 0.5 m spatial resolution in the panchromatic band and 2.5 m in the multispectral band. Digital elevation models (DEM) are digital models that represent the shape of the Earth's surface in three-dimensional (3D) form. The purpose of this study was to assess DEM accuracy from panchromatic Pleaides imagery. The process conducted was orthorectification using ground control points (GCPs) and the rational function model with rational polynomial coefficient (RFC) parameters. The DEM extraction process employed photogrammetric methods with different parallax concepts. Accuracy assessment was made using 35 independent check points (ICPs) with an RMSE accuracy of ± 0.802 m. The results of the Pleaides DEM image extraction were more accurate than the National DEM (DEMNAS)  and  SRTM DEM. Accuracy testing of DEMNAS results showed an RMSE of ± 0.955 m. while SRTM DEM accuracy was ± 17.740 m. Such DEM extraction from stereo Pleiades panchromatic images can be used as an element on base maps with a scale of 1: 5.000.


Pleiades, Digital Elevation Model, Stereo, Accuracy

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